The Rise of Piezo Switches: What You Should Know

Piezo switches

When researching the different types of switches, you may come across piezo. Not all switches rely on moving parts. In addition to mechanical switches, there are piezo switches. Piezo switches are essentially touch switches that feature a piezoelectric panel.

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The Basics of Piezo Switches

Like all switches, piezo switches are designed to control a circuit. They can open or close a circuit. Piezo switches, however, are distinguished from their counterparts by featuring a piezoelectric panel.

Piezoelectric Panels

All piezo switches feature a piezoelectric panel. Piezoelectric panels are made of a special type of material that’s able to hold an electrical charge when exposed to mechanical stress. Piezo switches aren’t classified as mechanical switches. Nonetheless, they are exposed to mechanical stress during regular use. Pressing the button on a Piezo switch will expose it to mechanical stress. The piezo switch’s panel will then hold an electrical charge, which it will use to open or close the circuit.

Why Piezo Switches Are Popular

With so many other types of switches on the market, you might be wondering why piezo switches are so popular. After all, they serve the same purpose of opening and closing a circuit like all other switches. While different types of switches use different technologies, piezo switches offer several advantages.

You can rest assured knowing that Piezo switches will last a long time. Other types of switches feature parts that move. Pressing a button may move the top panel into a bottom panel. Over time, the back-and-forth moving of these parts can lead to failure. Piezo switches are protected against premature wear and tear because they feature a piezoelectric panel. They can last for over 50 million actuations, in fact, making them a smart investment for commercial switching applications.

Piezo switches are easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about cleaning liquids or moisture making their way into the piezo switch’s circuit. Piezo switches feature a sealed panel that prevents the intrusion of liquids and moisture. As a result, you can easily clean them. If you notice the piezoelectric panel is dirty, you can wipe it down with a damp washcloth.

You can find Piezo switches in different faceplate materials. They still feature a piezoelectric panel. Piezo switches, however, feature a faceplate as well. Some of the different materials in which these faceplates are made include stainless steel, aluminum glass and plastic.

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