Soldering Profiles


Soldering conditions are affected by mounting and PCB parameters. Please take these factors into account when using these solder profiles. These are recommendations only and no guarantees are implied by them.


All component testing after reflow/rework should be performed after ≥ 24hrs to ensure accurate capacitance value measurements. Capacitors should be cooled at room temperature for a minimum of 24 hours to allow the ceramic material to reset (age).


MSL (Moisture Sensitivity Level) is 1


Normally, the user adopts the method and the process best suited for their own application, taking into account such factors as type, the manufacturer’s recommendation on soldering test and proximity of components on the PCB, equipment, etc.

The same criteria are applicable for lead (Pb)-free terminals. Obviously, the standards should be pertinent to lead (Pb)-free mounting pastes.

The eutectic temperature of the plating alloy determines the minimum limits of the soldering process temperature.

The minimum soldering temperature range should be at least 5 °C to 10 °C higher than the eutectic temperature of the plating alloy (per technical literature).

The devices must be held at the peak soldering temperature long enough to ensure the proper wetting of the solder connections. However, keeping the peak soldering time to a minimum to avoid the possibility of damage to the devices is recommended (per technical literature).

Reflow Soldering Profiles

Classification of Reflow Profiles
Profile Feature Sn – Pb Eutectic Assembly Lead (Pb)-Free Assembly

(e.g. SnAgCu)

Average ramp-up rate (T(Smax.) to TP) 3 °C/s maximum

  • Temperature minimum (TS(min.))
  • Temperature maximum (TS(max.))
  • Time (TS(min.) to TS(max.)) (tS)


60 s to 120 s



60 s to 180 s

Time maintained above

  • Temperature minimum (TL(min.))
  • Time (TL)

60 s to 150 s


60 s to 150 s

Minimum peak temperature (TP(min.)) 215ºC 235ºC
Recommended peak temperature (TP) 235ºC 250ºC
Maximum peak temperature (TP(max.)) 260ºC 260ºC
Time within 5°C of actual peak temperature (tP) 10 s to 40 s 20 s to 40 s
Ramp-down rate 6ºC/s maximum 6ºC/s maximum
Time 25°C to peak temperature 6 min maximum 8 min maximum

Wave Soldering Profile

Hand Soldering and Temperatures


  • This document should serve as recommendation only. Other parameters may also affect soldering, so these profiles do not guarantee absolute success.
  • Soldering profile should be determined by the manufacturer of the solder paste, providing there is no contradiction with the recommendations in this document.
Soldering Iron Recommended Specifications
Soldering Temp (°C) Preheat Temp (°C)
(component or board)
Preheat Time (sec) Max. Variation Temp (°C) Max. Soldering Time (sec) Wattage Tip Diameter Soldering Time
280~300 ≥150°C ≥60 seconds △T≤130 ≤5 seconds 30W max. 3mm Max. 2~3 sec. max.
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