Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Stainless steel cable ties are the ultimate solution to install your cables in extreme conditions and hazardous areas, indoor and outdoor, such as the petrochemical and food processing industries, power stations, mining, shipbuilding, offshore and other aggressive environments.

Our cable ties:

  • Provide high mechanical strength combined with chemical durability and temperature resistance.
  • All types are available in 304, 316 or 316L grade stainless steel, for extra corrosion resistance
  • Are available in uncoated version for high temperature applications or in fully coated version with non-toxic, halogen free coating, for a superior protection of cables and installer’s hands and for an improved insulation between dissimilar materials
  • Can be easily installed with dedicated hand tools to cut and fasten

Main products

Ball-lock type

- Easy application and strong self-locking mechanism
- Angled / rounded tail
- Rounded edges, smooth surfaces
- Uncoated or fully coated

Releasable type

- Releasable and re-usable
- Corrosion resistant 316 grade stainless steel
- Fully coated version with non-toxic, halogen free Polyester coating

Ladder-lock type

- Self-locking mechanism
- Larger slot at the end
- Low profile, flat head
- Uncoated or fully coated with non-toxic Halogen free Polyester

Heavy-duty band type

- Heavy-duty bands up to 18 mm (0.75") width for up to 8800 N(2000lb.) tensile strength.
- Available assembled and pre-cut or reels and buckles.

DAS250 Installation Tool

- Adjustable, automatic tension system.
- Cuts clean and close to head.
- Pistol grip reduces installation forces and user fatigue.

CT3 Installation Tool

- Ratchet design provides high tension installation.
- Long-lasting shear cutter easily trims excess band.

Applications / Markets:

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