Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cable Ties

  • Provide high mechanical strength combined with chemical durability and temperature resistance.
  • All types are available in 304, 316 or 316L grade stainless steel, for extra corrosion resistance
  • Are available in uncoated version for high temperature applications or in fully coated version with non-toxic, halogen free coating, for a superior protection of cables and installer’s hands and for an improved insulation between dissimilar materials
  • Can be easily installed with dedicated hand tools to cut and fasten


1. What are stainless steel cable ties?

Stainless steel cable ties are durable fastening devices used to secure and organize cables or other items. They are made from high-quality stainless steel for enhanced strength and resistance to corrosion.

2. How do metal cable ties differ from other types of cable ties?

Metal cable ties are specifically designed for applications that require superior strength and durability. They offer enhanced resistance to extreme temperatures, chemicals, and outdoor conditions compared to plastic or nylon cable ties.

3. What are the advantages of using metal cable ties?

They provide exceptional tensile strength, resistance to corrosion, and durability. They are ideal for demanding environments, including outdoor installations, heavy-duty applications, and areas with exposure to moisture or harsh chemicals.

4. Are Langir’s stainless steel cable ties suitable for heavy-duty applications?

Yes, they are specifically engineered for heavy-duty applications. They are designed to withstand high tensile forces and provide reliable and secure fastening for cables and other objects.

5. Can stainless steel cable ties be used in outdoor environments?

Absolutely. They are highly resistant to weather conditions, UV radiation, and moisture, making them well-suited for outdoor installations where durability and longevity are crucial.

6. Are Langir’s stainless steel cable ties reusable?

While they are primarily designed for single-use applications, Langir offers releasable metal cable ties that can be reused when adjustments or modifications are required.

7. Can stainless steel cable ties be used in applications with high temperatures?

Yes, they are designed to withstand a wide temperature range, making them suitable for applications with high-temperature environments.

8. Are Langir’s stainless steel cable ties resistant to chemicals?

Yes, they are resistant to various chemicals, including acids, alkalis, solvents, and oils, ensuring reliable performance in challenging industrial environments.

9. Do stainless steel cable ties provide added security against tampering or unauthorized access?

Yes, they offer a high level of security. Once fastened, they are difficult to remove without cutting, providing an additional deterrent against tampering or unauthorized access.

10. Are Langir’s stainless steel cable ties compliant with industry standards?

Yes, they meet industry standards for quality and performance. They are manufactured to rigorous specifications, ensuring reliability and adherence to industry requirements.

11. Can metal cable ties be used in environments with high levels of electrical conductivity?

Yes, they are an excellent choice for environments with high levels of electrical conductivity. The metal material provides excellent conductivity and helps maintain electrical grounding and integrity in various applications.

12. Are Langir’s stainless steel cable ties suitable for applications requiring resistance to extreme temperatures?

Absolutely. They are designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures, from extremely cold to high heat. They maintain their strength and performance even in challenging temperature conditions, making them ideal for applications that require resistance to extreme temperatures.

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Main products

Ball-lock type

Ball-lock type

- Easy application and strong self-locking mechanism
- Angled / rounded tail
- Rounded edges, smooth surfaces
- Uncoated or fully coated
Releasable type

Releasable type

- Releasable and re-usable
- Corrosion resistant 316 grade stainless steel
- Fully coated version with non-toxic, halogen free Polyester coating
Ladder-lock type

Ladder-lock type

- Self-locking mechanism
- Larger slot at the end
- Low profile, flat head
- Uncoated or fully coated with non-toxic Halogen free Polyester
Heavy-duty band type

Heavy-duty band type

- Bands and heads are made of corrosion resistant 316 grade stainless steel
- Bands are fully covered with a non-toxic, halogen free black Polypropylene sheath
DAS250 Installation Tool

DAS250 Installation Tool

Heavy Duty Metallic Hand Tool for Ladder Type Stainless Steel Cable Ties Up to .310 Tie Width
CT3 Installation Tool

CT3 Installation Tool

Cable Tie Installation Tool, Economic Tensioning Tool, for Ladder Type or Strap Type or Ball-lock Type, Stainless Steel, Cut-off By Hand Activated Lever. Width up to 12mm (0.47 inch).

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