Circuit Protection

Circuit protectionDue to the relative unpredictability of today’s technology, circuit protection is an absolute must in designs that need to be reliable.

What is circuit protection?

Circuit protection is the intentional installation of a “weak link” in an electrical circuit. This is a fuse or circuit breaker, referred to here as a circuit protection device or CPD.
Langir can provide DC Circuit Breaker, Thermal Protection and Accessory. It can apply on Railway, Power, Home and Building. Langir provides IEC 60947-2, EN60947-2 and GB 14048.2

DC Circuit Breaker – Miniature Circuit Breakers for DC and Solar Generation

The JB is a DC circuit breaker dedicated to multi string photovoltaic installations. This circuit breaker is designed to protect the cables located between each string of photovoltaic modules and the photovoltaic inverter against overloads and short circuits.

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Busbar System

The Busbar System is an innovative way to jumper up to 57 poles of Manual Motor Controllers (MMC) and Supplementary Protectors (SP).

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DIN Rail Support /Brackets /Mounting

DIN Rail Support /Brackets /Mount material for Cold-rolled steel treated with galvanic zinc plating and passivation.

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DIN Rail

A DIN rail or top-hat rail is a standardized 35 mm wide metal rail with hat-shaped cross section. It is widely used for mounting circuit breakers and industrial control equipment inside equipment racks.

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