Backlit LED Switch Label Kit

Backlit LED switch Label KitBacklit LED switch Label Kit
Backlit LED Switch Label Kit
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Back printed for durability
  • 50 Icon labels with backlight capability
  • Waterproof adhesive for longevity in wet environments
  • For use with backlit push button switch 16, 19 and 22mm

When the Dual color LED function switches are turned on, the Blue LED lights up through the actuator.
Activate a particular function by pressing one of the switches. This will change the Blue LED to Red, indicating that the chosen function is turned on. The switch color can customization.

With a IP67 waterproof rating and Stainless Steel body our switch can be installed on your boat or other vehicle in wet and dusty environments, but not under water. The first switch can be designated as the night time Blue LED On/Off switch.

Identifying the function of each push button switch is simple with our interchangeable 3M adhesive backed actuator Backlit Labels. It’s the on ly actuator that allows the LEDs in the switch body to pass light
through the label. The result is excellent visibility at night.

There are 53 Switch Function Icons to choose from!
Custom Icon Labels can be made to your design specifications. Please check with the factory

Dual color LED function

Backlit Label in Daytime Mode.
LED light is off.

Backlit Label in Nighttime Mode.
The Blue LED provides great visibility of all the function switches and lets you know that the switches are in the off position.

Backlit LED switch Label Kit

Backlit Label in Nighttime Mode.
The Red LED lets you know that the switch is on.

How to order

5 ICON labels included

50 ICON labels included

L450 1 Icon label list

Applications / Markets:

Car Controls

Industrial Controls

Yacht Controls


Parking Devices

Electrical Housewares

Security Devices


Audio Visual

Medical Equipment

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