How to Troubleshoot Common Piezo Switch Issues in Vending Machines

This article provides a comprehensive guide on identifying and troubleshooting Piezo switch issues in vending machines, including common problems and solutions. Learn how to fix Piezo switch problems and keep your vending machines running smoothly.

The Ultimate Guide to Circuit Board Components – Type, Selection, and Assembly
The Ultimate Guide to Circuit Board Components - Type, Selection, and Assembly Circuit boards are the foundation of most electronics on the market. When building them, we must select the right type of circuit board components to achieve desired performance. That's why knowing their workings is critical to understanding electronics and assembling your own. The [...]
Decoding the Capacitor Symbol – A Journey Through Electric Adventures

Discover the meaning and significance of the capacitor symbol in electronic circuit diagrams. Learn about the different types of capacitors and how they function in various applications. Enhance your understanding of electronics with Langir’s informative article on the capacitor symbol.

Types of Switches : Mechanical vs. Electronic Switches – A Comprehensive Guide

Looking for information on different types of switches? Look no further than Langir’s latest article! This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about mechanical switches and electronic switches. Discover the pros and cons of each type and find the perfect switch to fit your needs.

DIN Rails -The Ultimate Guide of All the Essential Information

This article is the ultimate guide to DIN rails, providing a comprehensive overview of the basics, types, sizes, installation, and applications of DIN rails. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, this article offers valuable information and guidance to help you better understand and utilize DIN rails.

Light Pipe Technology & Applications

Move light longer distances around PCB obstacles and provide ESD protection for sensitive components. Choose an optical fiber diameter based on the flexibility and luminosity requirements and adapters with many mounting and LED options. Customization available.

What Are Printed Electronics?

A printed electronic is any type of electronic system that’s applied or printed onto one or more substrates. Circuits, for instance, are often classified as printed electronics. A circuit is nothing more than a conductive pathway. Nearly all electronics have at least one circuit. Depending on how a circuit is made, it may be classified as a printed electronic.

A Crash Course on Capacitive Switches and How They Work

Capacitive switches have become a popular alternative to mechanical switches. Touching them will open or close a circuit. While mechanical switches are designed to control a circuit as well, they aren’t the same as capacitive switches. Capacitive switches are touch based, so they work in a different way than their mechanical counterparts.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Capacitive Switch

Capacitive switches have become a popular alternative to mechanical switches. They are characterized by the use of sensors to measure a voltage. The voltage is constant by default. When you touch a button, though, your finger will absorb some of the voltage. The capacitive switch will then respond by opening or closing the circuit. Below are five things to consider when choosing a capacitive switch.

What Are Light Guides and How Do They Work?

A light guide is a backlighting component that’s designed to propagate and distribute light across the keypad’s top layer to the areas where it’s needed. Most light guides consist of a thin layer of material. Whether a keypad uses light-emitting diode (LED) or electroluminescent (EL) backlighting, it can use a light guide as well. Once applied, the light guide will

An Introduction to Light Guides and How They Work

Light guides are filament-based components that are designed to distribute light. They don’t actually produce light. Rather, light guides distribute light so that all areas of a device’s top layer receive an equal amount of light.

What Are Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Light Guides

Have you heard of light-emitting diode (LED) light guides? They are commonly used as backlighting solutions for keypads, human machine interfaces (HMIs), switches and other devices. While LEDs alone can be used as backlighting solutions, though, the addition of light guides maximizes their utility. To learn more about LED light guides, keep reading.

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