Lf19 BuzzerThe accessories include Alarm, Indicator, Backlit LED switch Label kit, Anti vandal switch plug, Din Rail, Busbar and so on.
The accessories are designed for applications that are easy installation and change.
Applications for anti-vandal switches, Circuit breaker and so on.

Flexible Light Pipes

Langir offers surface mount and through hole moisture sealed flexible light pipes and are available in different configurations, LED mounts, and lens caps. Flexible light pipes are typically used in custom applications where light needs to carefully navigate through existing components.

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CT3 Installation Tool

Cable Tie Installation Tool, Economic Tensioning Tool, for Ladder Type or Strap Type or Ball-lock Type, Stainless Steel, Cut-off By Hand Activated Lever. Width up to 12mm (0.47 inch).

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DAS250 Installation Tool

Heavy Duty Metallic Hand Tool for Ladder Type Stainless Steel Cable Ties Up to .310 Tie Width

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Heavy-duty band type

- Bands and heads are made of corrosion resistant 316 grade stainless steel
- Bands are fully covered with a non-toxic, halogen free black Polypropylene sheath

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Ladder-lock type

- Self-locking mechanism
- Larger slot at the end
- Low profile, flat head
- Uncoated or fully coated with non-toxic Halogen free Polyester

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Releasable type

- Releasable and re-usable
- Corrosion resistant 316 grade stainless steel
- Fully coated version with non-toxic, halogen free Polyester coating

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Ball-lock type

- Easy application and strong self-locking mechanism
- Angled / rounded tail
- Rounded edges, smooth surfaces
- Uncoated or fully coated

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Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Stainless steel cable ties are the ultimate solution to install your cables in extreme conditions and hazardous areas, indoor and outdoor, such as the petrochemical and food processing industries, power stations, mining, shipbuilding, offshore and other aggressive environments.

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Backlit LED switch Label Kit

The Backlit LED Light Switch Labels Kit for use with backlit anti vandal switch 16, 19 and 22mm。

  • Easy to change
  • Save the cost
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Back printed for durability
  • 50 Icon labels with backlight capability
  • Waterproof adhesive for longevity in wet environments
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    Lf19 Stainless Steel Alarm Buzzer with LED Indicator

  • 19mm diameter panel cutout
  • Multiple illumination voltage options
  • Multiple LED color options
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    Anti-Vandal Pilot Indicator

    Langir’s indicator range includes high-quality options from 6 mm all the way up to 30 mm.

  • Multiple panel cutout sizes: 6mm to 19mm dia.
  • Multiple illumination voltage options
  • Multiple LED color options
  • IP67 rated / IK10
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    Electrical Busbar System

    The Busbar System is an innovative way to jumper up to 57 poles of Manual Motor Controllers (MMC) and Supplementary Protectors (SP).

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