Control Panels

Touch metal piezo keypadsKeypads are everywhere we turn, and are used to open our front gate, control access to clinics, to protect labs and much more. These diverse uses require a wide range of solutions customized to specific needs, able to operate under extreme climate conditions, with led indication.
Langir’s waterproof, vandal proof and tamper proof keypads are touch activated (human touch, wet or gloved hands, or any type of tool) and designed to withstand the test of time.

Touch Metal Piezo Keypad

  • 12Keys, 16Keys and 20Keys options
  • Circuitry Matrix and Common bus options
  • Connection Flat cable and Pin options
  • Maximum reliability and durability, Ideal for use in rough environments
  • IP68 Dust and water resistant, Sea-water and detergent resistant
  • Potted switching unit at rear seals against all contamination and prevents freezing
  • Custom configurations available

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