Flexible Light Pipes

Flexible light pipes, also known as flexible light guides, are specialized components used to transmit light from mounted LEDs to various interface points. Ideal for environments where light must navigate around obstacles such as PCBs, these components are designed to move light over longer distances while providing electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection to sensitive components. They are utilized in diverse applications from automotive to healthcare, making them versatile solutions for indicating systems in complex electronic assemblies.


  • Material Versatility and Durability: Constructed from high-grade optical fibers or clear silicone, ensuring minimal light loss and resistance to harsh environmental conditions including UV and IR radiation.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Available in various diameters and lengths with customizable ends to cater to specific design needs. Options include surface mount or through-hole configurations, moisture-sealed designs, and multiple lens caps.
  • Design and Installation: Easy to install, these light pipes can be bent or twisted to fit tight spaces and complex pathways. They come with many mounting and LED options to seamlessly integrate into existing designs.
  • Optical Excellence: Enhances the apparent brightness of PCB mounted LEDs and provides an excellent optical appearance, effectively bringing indication to the front panel at a cost-effective rate.
  • Long-Distance Light Transmission: Offers jacketed fiber optic systems that mount directly onto PCBs, suitable for both SMD and Through-Hole LED systems.


1. What are the typical applications of flexible light pipes?

They are extensively used in sectors like audio/video, entertainment, security, industrial controls, medical devices, transportation, and IoT applications, particularly where precise light routing is essential.

2. How do flexible light pipes enhance system design?

By increasing the brightness and visibility of LEDs on user interfaces and providing essential protection against electrostatic discharge, enhancing both the functionality and longevity of electronic devices.

3. Can the optical fiber diameter and length of a flexible light pipe be customized?

Yes, flexible light pipes can be tailored in terms of both optical fiber diameter and length based on specific flexibility and luminosity requirements, ensuring optimal performance for various applications.

4. What types of LED systems can be used with flexible light pipes?

Flexible light pipes are compatible with both SMD and Through-Hole LED systems, providing versatile options for different mounting and operational needs in electronic designs.

5. What are the differences between SMD LED Systems and Through-Hole LED Systems?

SMD (Surface-Mount Device) LED Systems consist of LEDs mounted directly on the surface of circuit boards, ideal for space-sensitive applications due to their compact size. Through-Hole LED Systems feature LEDs with leads that go through the circuit board and are soldered on the other side, offering better durability and suited for applications requiring higher brightness and power handling.

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