L16T Anti Vandal Led Push Button Switch


L16T Anti vandal switch

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L16T Anti vandal switch

    * Base voltage on LEDs: 1.8V @ 20mA for Red, Yellow and Orange LED colors / 2.8V @ 20mA for Blue, Green and White LED colors
    * 3A colors: LED polarity selection

Technical Data

Type L16T
Illuminated Options Non-Illuminated/ Ring Illuminated/ Dot Illuminated/ Backlit
Max. Panel Thickness: Max. 0.394″ (10.0mm)
Kind Single-pole on-off Switch
Certification ISO9001, CE, ISO14001
Transport Package Carton
Usage Control Button, Start Button, Control Switch
Specification 42x23x32cm
Terminal Solder lug (1.8X0.4)
Max. Switch Rating Ith: 3A Ui: 250VAC
Contact Resistance ≤50mΩ
Insulation Resistance ≥1000mΩ
Dielectric Strengh 2000VAC
Operation Temp. -20°C ~ +55°C
Mechanical Life 500,000cycles(max)
Electrical Life 30,000cycles(min)
Contact Material Silver Alloy
Torque 5~14Nm
Operation Pressure approx. 3~5N
Protection IP65/ IK09
Material Switch Assembly UL94V-0 rated Polyamide (Nylon)
Tags Copper Alloy
Terminals Copper Alloy
Switch Body & Actuator Stainless Steel/ Anodized Aluminum
Lens and Lens Body Polycarbonate
Internal Seal Silicone
O Ring Nitrile
Color Type LED (ratings @ 20mA)
Color RED Yellow Orange Green Blue White
Luminous Intensity (mcd) 160 200 150 520 220 2000
Forward Volatge 1.8~2.6 2.8~3.6
Illumination Voltage no suffix No resistor fitted. An appropriate resistor must be series connected by the user. Voltages as above.
3.3V/ 6V/ 12V/ 24V/ 36V/ 110V/ 220V
Life Approx. 40, 000hours



L16T Anti vandal led push button switch

C = Common
NO = Normally open
NC = Normally closed
Terminals (-) and (+) used with Illum. option only

Actuator Options

L16T Anti vandal switch

Illuminated Options

L16T Anti vandal switch

Panel Cutout

L16T Anti vandal switch


L16T Anti vandal switch


Q1: What is an anti-vandal LED push button?
A1: An anti-vandal LED push button is a durable switch designed for demanding environments, providing both reliability and visual feedback through its integrated LED indicator.

Q2: What advantages does an anti-vandal LED push button offer?
A2: They offer enhanced durability, resistance to vandalism, and visual indication of switch status, making them ideal for secure and reliable operation.

Q3: Where are anti-vandal LED push buttons commonly used?
A3: Common applications include public access control systems, industrial machinery, transportation equipment, and medical devices.

Q4: How do anti-vandal LED push buttons protect against vandalism?
A4: They are designed with rugged metal construction and tamper-resistant features, making them highly resistant to physical damage or unauthorized access.

Q5: Can anti-vandal LED push buttons be used outdoors?
A5: Yes, they are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, offering resistance to dust, water, and extreme temperatures.

Q6: Can anti-vandal LED push buttons have customizable LED colors?
A6: Yes, they can be customized with different LED color options to match specific application requirements or visual signaling needs.

Q7: What is the lifespan of the LED in an anti-vandal LED push button?
A7: Typically has a long lifespan, providing tens of thousands of hours of continuous operation.

Q8: Do anti-vandal LED push buttons require additional wiring for LED indication?
A8: No, they have built-in LED circuitry, eliminating the need for additional wiring as the LED is powered by the same electrical connections used for the switch operation.

Q9: Are anti-vandal LED push buttons compatible with different voltage levels?
A9: Yes, they are available in various voltage options, ensuring compatibility with different electrical systems and voltage requirements.

Q10: How do I select the right anti-vandal LED push button for my application?
A10: When selecting an anti-vandal LED push button, consider factors such as voltage rating, LED color, actuator style, mounting options, and environmental conditions to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

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