Ultimate Guide of Halo Switch: A Versatile Latching Push Button with LED Halo

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In the world of electronics, the halo switch is a popular and versatile component that combines the functionality of a latching push button with an eye-catching LED halo. This article delves into the features, applications, and benefits of the halo switch, providing insights into its usage in various circuits and electronic projects.

What is a Halo Switch?

A Halo Switch is an electronic component that merges the characteristics of a latching push button and an LED halo. It is designed to provide both tactile feedback and a visual indication of its status through the illuminated halo.

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The Functionality of a Latching Push Button

A latching push button, also known as a toggle switch or a push-on/push-off switch, maintains its state once it is pressed until it is pressed again. This allows for toggling between two states, such as turning a circuit on or off, without the need for continuous pressure.

Adding a Visual Element with the LED Halo

The halo switch takes the functionality of a latching push button a step further by incorporating an LED halo around the button. The LED halo can be programmed to emit different colors or patterns, providing visual feedback about the switch’s status or indicating specific conditions in a circuit.

Applications of the Halo Switch

The halo switch finds applications in a wide range of electronic projects and circuits. Here are a few examples:

1. Control Panels and User Interfaces

The halo switch is commonly used in control panels and user interfaces where visual feedback is crucial. It can be employed to indicate the status of various functions, settings, or modes, enhancing the overall user experience.

2. Power Controls and Circuit Activation

In circuits that require a user to toggle power or activate specific functions, the halo push button serves as an intuitive and visually appealing solution. Its latching functionality allows users to easily turn circuits on or off, while the LED halo provides a clear indication of the circuit’s status.

3. Gaming and Multimedia Devices

Although not directly related to video games, the halo switch’s visual appeal makes it a popular choice for gaming and multimedia devices. It can be used as a power button, mode selector, or as an indicator for notifications or system status.

4. Custom Electronic Projects

The versatility of the halo push button makes it an excellent component for various custom electronic projects. It can be integrated into DIY electronics, hobbyist projects, and prototypes, adding a professional and visually captivating touch.

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Benefits of Using Halo Switches

Using Halo Switches in electronic circuits offers several advantages:

1. Enhanced User Experience

The combination of tactile feedback from the latching push button and the visual indication provided by the LED halo improves the overall user experience. Users can quickly and easily understand the status or mode of the switch, increasing convenience and usability.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing Design

The LED halo adds an appealing visual element to electronic devices and control panels. It enhances the aesthetics of the overall design, making the circuit or project more visually engaging.

3. Improved Functionality

The latching push button functionality eliminates the need for continuous pressure, reducing user fatigue and providing a more comfortable interaction. Additionally, the LED halo offers an intuitive and customizable method for conveying information or system status.


The Halo Switch combines the functionality of a latching push button with the visual appeal of an LED halo, making it a versatile component in the world of electronics. Its applications range from control panels and user interfaces to power controls and custom projects. By offering tactile and visual feedback, the Halo Switch enhances user experience, aesthetics, and overall functionality in electronic circuits.


Q1: Can the LED halo of the halo switch emit different colors?
A1: Yes, the LED halo can be programmed to emit different colors, allowing for a customizable visual indication.

Q2: Can the halo switch be used in industrial settings?
A2: Absolutely! Its robust design and versatility make it suitable for various industrial applications that require tactile and visual feedback.

Q3: Is the latching push button durable?
A3: Yes, it’s designed to withstand repeated usage and provides reliable performance over a long lifespan.

Q4: Can I integrate the halo switch into my own electronic projects?
A4: Certainly! It’s readily available for integration into custom electronic projects, DIY circuits, and prototypes.

Q5: Can the LED halo of the halo switch be dimmed or adjusted in brightness?
A5: Yes, depending on the specific halo switch model, the LED halo can often be dimmed or adjusted in brightness to suit the desired level of illumination.

Q6: What are the available sizes and form factors of halo switches?
A6: They come in various sizes and form factors to accommodate different applications and design requirements. Common sizes include 12mm, 16mm, and 19mm diameters, with options for flush, raised, or recessed buttons.

Q7: Are they compatible with different voltage levels?
A7: Yes, they are available in different voltage ratings, allowing them to be compatible with a wide range of circuits and power supply requirements.

Q8: Can I use multiple halo switches in a single circuit?
A8: Absolutely! Multiple halo push buttons can be incorporated into a single circuit, providing a visually appealing and intuitive control interface for various functions.

Q9: Are halo switches suitable for outdoor or harsh environments?
A9: Some are designed to be rugged and resistant to environmental factors such as moisture, dust, and temperature fluctuations. These models are suitable for outdoor or harsh environments.

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